One Family’s Delicious Sugar Plum Tradition


Every family has some sort of tradition come this time of year. We heard about Katherine Hill’s Sugar Plum cookies and wanted to know more. After all, the story behind the cookie has a lot more meaning for the Hill family.

What is your family tradition?

Katherine explains, “We make Sugar Plums every year, at the beginning of Christmas season!” The Sugar Plum tradition has been in her family ever since her father was a little boy. “We think my grandmother found the recipe in Readers Digest or a magazine at some point, she can’t remember exactly. But she always made them every year.”   

What does your family tradition mean to you?

Every tradition carries a different meaning for families. We were curious to know what these Sugar Plum treats meant to the Hill family.


Dad – “It’s a time for family to be together to make something sweet that everyone loves. It’s about togetherness, fun and smiles!”

Katherine –  “Sharing the tradition with other people, the memories of when we were kids making them with Dad.  I get enjoyment out of knowing people are going to love them while I’m making them.  It’s such a fun treat and people are always surprised by how good they are, and how simple they are to make…and really, they’re just awesome!”

Jennifer (sister) – “It means the start of the Christmas season.  Making time in our very busy schedules to have fun and be together.  We were always so busy with so many things during the holidays, so it was nice to stop and have some focused time together.”

Mom – “It’s the start of the season, and an activity to do together.  It’s something specifically to tie our family together with a holiday tradition.  Since my family didn’t have traditions during the holidays, it’s important that we have these times with our family.”


What’s your favorite memory making Sugar Plums?

Katherine- “Probably this one.  I have great memories of growing up making them, but they all blend together!  Since my sister and I have gotten married, we have made them by ourselves, and our husbands have helped.  But this year, all 6 of us got together, all got dressed up and spent time together laughing, watching football, playing with my niece, and made sugar plums.  It was a fun time together (and may be a new addition to the tradition to do them together and not by ourselves!)”

Dad- “The first time each of the girls was old enough and ready to help.”

Jennifer- “
They all kind of blur together at some point, but Katherine I licking the sugar off our fingers when we were done and exclaiming “Mom look, our fingers are RED!!”


Creating Memories

We discovered that Katherine’s family tradition of making sugar plum cookies isn’t really about the cookies at all. It’s about the memories every one creates together. Making sugar plums is simply the activity that pulls together an entire family where the memories are created.

Want the recipe? 

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