TRADITIONS -3 part series


​The history of and importance of tradition is tied closely to an inexact and fleeting kind of process, one which to this day modern science and philosophical wonder has yet been able to map out in a conclusive manner. That is the process of remembrance, or the way that our mind recalls memories from the past. Plenty of scientific research has been done that definitively shows the inexact nature of how we take down memories, but we have yet to pinpoint what makes something, anything, truly memorable.

​Thinking back to your past, your childhood, one can never remember specific dates, times, and other such unimportant details, but instead we remember moments. Maybe we particularly remember the vivid color of a new toy, the smell of summer or fresh baked cookies, or the sounds of a waterfall you visited as a child. If we remember only these particular sensory intakes of specific moments, is there a formula, a possible way to “create” an event that will truly and definitively be stored in our memory? Video camera’s and sound recording devices all make an attempt to “capture” a moment, and save it for a later date, but is this the equivalent to a memory? Such modern recording devices are becoming more and more accurate in their representation of a past event, but even these are only surface representations of any stored memory in one’s head, as memory goes deeper than simply the sensory absorption of an event.

​Memory cannot be defined by the capturing of a video or a sound recording that only records a few senses (sight, sound), but instead is the whole and complete feeling of a comprehensive event. When one looks at a photograph, it does not represent that memory, but instead we use the language that the photograph “brings back old memories,” and instead only triggers that feeling of the memory stored in our minds.

​Thus, creating a memory is something natural, something spontaneous, and something that cannot be forced by the use of a video camera or a state of mind. Remembrance may be imperfect in its nature, but what can anyone do but to live in the moment, do their best to create lasting memories of joy and happiness with loved ones, and let the ride of life take its course? Who can say what the best way of creating a memory, or even deeper, a tradition, truly is?

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