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Children’s author, Katherine James, has transformed a century old children’s poem, “The Sugar Plum Tree,” into a 21st century children’s book.

Katherine James, a pen name for 3 sisters from Springfield, IL, (one sister currently lives in Weston, CT) had a crazy plan: to turn their favorite 118-year-old poem, The Sugar Plum Tree, into a book. The sisters modeled their book of off the original American author from the late 1800’s, Eugene Field. The new poem keeps the whimsical feel of the 19th century but brings the story to modern day times.

The Sugar Plum Tree is a fictional story of a magical tree where the most delicious candy grows. The tradition is to read the poem at bedtime to help children go to sleep. James explains, “I remember the joy I had as a child sitting in the living room with my two sisters listening to my mother tell us the story of The Sugar Plum Tree. By the end of the poem we were all excited to go to sleep because we knew the next morning we would find something sweet under our beds.”

The Sugar Plum Tree contains wonderful and mesmerizing visuals that even adults will find playful. Yet, the poem’s 118-year-old message remains intact: to inspire young children to believe that their dreams can become reality.

James emphasizes, “Even though it was a great way for my parents to get three children to sleep, as adults we now see the powerful message behind the poem. It taught us that if we believe our dreams can become reality. And that’s an exciting feeling for young children to know that your dreams can come true.”

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