The Sweetest Contest EVER!

The Sweetest Candy Craft in Ten Minutes or Less Contest


It’s summertime!  Magical days and lazy nights filled with fantastical memories; memories we’d love to be a part of…

So we asked ourselves, how can we be a small part of your summertime memories?  The answer was too simple:   Ask kids (with parents help) to create “a sweet candy craft,” name the “candy craft,”  and video tape how they made it.

“The Sugar Plum Tree” is visually-magical-world filled with candy that grows on a tree. It resides in Garden of Shut Eye Town (which is found across the Lollipop Sea.) There are zippity-zaps, chocolatey- chews, sugary-snaps, and loli-lous.”

Here is what we are asking:

1)     Assist your child with creating the sweetest candy craft by coming up with a unique candy name and craft concept.

2)     You and your child will create the craft along with a ten minute or less video showing us how you did it.

3)     Like us on Facebook and post your video on our page as a status update. In the comments, please leave your e-mail so we can contact you, if you win.

4)     Once you have uploaded your video, head over to our Twitter page to follow us and tweet the following: I just uploaded my “sweetest candy craft” video on the @sugarplumtree3 Facebook page. Check it out!

5)     You and your child will be entered in our contest for an autographed copy of “The Sugar Plum Tree” book.

The contest ends on Friday, August 15th at 11:59 p.m. EST


We will be choosing 22 of the most creative crafts and submissions to receive our book.

In addition, we will feature the top 5 submissions on our website and blog.

How sweet is that?

Some guidelines for the contest:

1)     You can only submit one video per household. Please be sure you are absolutely happy with your submission before uploading.

2)     Please do not steal candy crafts from online or any other publication. We will automatically disqualify you for using something already out there. Be creative and really try to come up with something unique.

3)     We will not consider submissions over ten minutes.

4)     By uploading your video to our Facebook page, you are giving express consent for us to use your video for the purposes of this contest.

5)     Parental submission and permission is required. We will not accept entries from a child’s Facebook profile.

6)     We will contact all of the winners via e-mail on Monday August 18th, 2014. If you are chosen as one of the top five submissions, we will again ask for your consent to post this video on our website. Please note that you may opt-out at that time and any time preceding the end of this contest.

7)     We ask that you refrain from using this as an opportunity to upload spam to our Facebook page. We will remove any spam and/or inappropriate videos uploaded to our page.

8)     Most importantly, have fun!


For more information on “The Sugar Plum Tree” visit us at . Good Luck!

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