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In honor of Eugene Field,  a bronze fairylike “dream lady”  was installed in Lincoln Park Chicago.  The statue hovers above a pair of sleeping children with a small bunch of poppies dangling from one of her hands. The granite base depicts carved scenes from Field’s poems including “The Fly Away Horse” and Seein’ Things.” There is a stanza from his famous “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod,” carved into the left side of the base and four lines from “The Sugar Plum Tree,” on the right side.

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  • Dream. Wish. Believe.

    Start your family tradition TODAY with this SPECIAL OCCASION bedtime picture book!
    Take a journey across THE LOLLIPOP SEA to the GARDEN OF SHUT EYE TOWN, where the SUGAR PLUM TREE grows and whisper a word in the GINGER DOG'S ear. The CHOCOLATE CAT will appear the next morning, leaving PROOF under the bed that sweet dreams come TRUE!
  • The Sugar Plum Tree

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