Move over Elf, there’s a NEW kid on the block! The Sugar Plum Tree



Hey ELF!  Move over, there’s a new kid on the block!  And guess what?  This tradition is not secular, can be read anytime (although we suggest special occasions,) does not have a “naughty or nice” element  or have a third party “watching over you.”  Instead, it’s all about kid-powered-dreams-can-come-true.

Introducing….The Sugar Plum Tree! “a bedtime story with sweet dreams and a candy twist!”

Now by no means do we want to bash an Elf on A Shelf.  As a matter of fact, our “Dream Team” admires the Elf creators! So much so, we modeled our marketing strategies after them – at least after how they started – growing one book at a time.  But here’s how we differ.  We are in local stores, and on our own website, (Etsy and Ebay) ONLY and prefer to keep it that way! We’re a small local company who supports small local companies.

Will we be criticized too? You bet!  Our special occasion bedtime tradition has candy under the bed for a morning surprise.  And in an environment that: deals with extremes, is  “anti-sugar,” and is filled with concerns, we have our work cut out for us.

But I’m sure that’s the battle every new, mass produced tradition faces. For example,  Matt Pelc, Huffington Post (2013), states Elf on the Shelf Ruined their Christmas (or at least came very close)  Why?  A couple of reasons, Kelsey (Matt’s daughter) could not bear to say goodbye to her new elf friend “Missy.”  This caused tears for months after Christmas almost to the following Christmas creating a dilemma for Kelsey’s parents.  The next Christmas, Matt explains, they were not ready to have repeat. So in tandem with the new Elf on A Shelf commercials they broke the news to Kelsey that the Elf was really them.  “We walked a delicate line telling her Missy wasn’t real, but kept her belief in Santa alive.”  read Matt’s full post here:

And Brian Gresko, last year posted his feelings on the Elf in a babble blog. While he admits that he “does Santa,” he believes the Elf tradition has crossed the line.  His reasons?  It’s completely changed his habits and not for the better.  He can no longer watch talk and news programs that feature the Elf (for fear it will ruin his kids “magical experience.” He avoids big box stores during the holidays.  But most importantly he states that instead of one short quick “lie” this extends the “lie” to be a month long.  And the whole idea that Santa has surveillance on you is creepy!  To read Brian’s perspective see:

The Sugar Plum Tree is learning from those who blazed the “follow-our-tradition-path” and promises to learn and do better.  Give us a try not just for the holidays but for all your big and little occasions!

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    Take a journey across THE LOLLIPOP SEA to the GARDEN OF SHUT EYE TOWN, where the SUGAR PLUM TREE grows and whisper a word in the GINGER DOG'S ear. The CHOCOLATE CAT will appear the next morning, leaving PROOF under the bed that sweet dreams come TRUE!
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