What’s Happening NOW?

___________________________What’s Happening NOW?


The Sugar Plum Tree, by Katherine James, illustrated by Jan Dolby, has exceeded expectations!  Not bad for a little self published book with a big dream.  “We’ve positioned ourselves to sell in small, local, mom and pop shops, candy and toy stores and online.”   one of the trio of authors explains.  “We’ve out sold our anticipated goal two times now, and the year isn’t over! It’s been an amazing and humbling experience!”


With over 2,000 in sales in Canada, US and UK, and partnerships with candy manufactures on the horizon, this team of three keeps their feet on the ground.  “Listening to how the book is actually being used is eye opening, we started with just our tradition – of keeping our kids in bed, and what we’re learning is other people are developing their own traditions.  It’s more than exciting it’s encouraging – we’re on to something!”  Examples of how other parents are using the book include, potty training, sleep over parties, great day events and more.  There’s tons of ideas on our website.


What does the future hold?  “More sales, one book at a time.” LilyLu-3Sisters

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  • Dream. Wish. Believe.

    Start your family tradition TODAY with this SPECIAL OCCASION bedtime picture book!
    Take a journey across THE LOLLIPOP SEA to the GARDEN OF SHUT EYE TOWN, where the SUGAR PLUM TREE grows and whisper a word in the GINGER DOG'S ear. The CHOCOLATE CAT will appear the next morning, leaving PROOF under the bed that sweet dreams come TRUE!
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