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Sharing Their Tradition, One Dream at a Time

LilyLu-3Sisters Katherine James is the collective name of three sisters who grew up in a small town nestled between cornfields. As children they would roam from dawn to dusk, climbing trees, catching catfish and picking wildflowers until the dinner bell rang. At dinner time, blessings were counted. Life was simple and MAGICAL!
On special occasions the girls’ parents told them of THE SUGAR PLUM TREE and they awoke to small candy treats or TREASURE waiting under their beds.

It’s this TRADITION, of POETRY IN ACTION, the girls now hope to pass on to your family.

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  • Dream. Wish. Believe.

    Start your family tradition TODAY with this SPECIAL OCCASION bedtime picture book!
    Take a journey across THE LOLLIPOP SEA to the GARDEN OF SHUT EYE TOWN, where the SUGAR PLUM TREE grows and whisper a word in the GINGER DOG'S ear. The CHOCOLATE CAT will appear the next morning, leaving PROOF under the bed that sweet dreams come TRUE!
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